The Rules and Regulations of Chandrahasini Vidyapeeth have been framed to make the parents aware of what is expected of them and their children. It is imperative that all parents abide by a certain code of conduct in the best interest of their children and to facilitate the smooth functioning of the school.


1. The School Management reserves the right to admission.


2. Information to all the Parents and the school rules to be followed by the students The meeting days and hours with the Principal and with the Teachers are fixed.
Parents are required to use the above-mentioned facility to get the feedback of their children.

Parents - Teachers meeting will be organized as per the schedule given. PTM is scheduled for the parents to get the feedback of their ward. Parents should attend a minimum of two PTMs in a session.
3. Leave will not be given during school hours in general. Even the leave for half-day will not be granted. But in case of emergency, parents who want to take their ward, in school hours, either fora short period or for the remaining day are requested to send the Person duly authorized along with the authority letter and ID card issued to them. The ID card will be deposited with the school and then only the child will be sent with the person authorized.
4. The use of any type of pouches or smoking cigarettes etc. in the school premises by the parents, relatives, drivers or other persons who come to the school to take the child with them is strictly prohibited.
5. Long leave for marriages, functions, & other ceremonies etc. will not be granted suddenly or at random. A maximum of four days leave will be granted to a child in a session if found necessary. If applied for leave and sanctioned under unavoidable circumstances, the responsibility there after regarding the Progress of the child in his/her studies" is to be that of the child or the parent. Parents should utilize full-scape paper for applying leave.
6. Edibles like- Dry Fruits, Biscuits, Snacks, Chocolates, Mixture Packets etc. are not allowed in the school premises. Children should not have wrist watches, Gold or silver ornaments or any other valuable items in their possession. It is not the responsibility of the school authorities for any loss or damage of these items.
7. Electronic gadgets like camera, mobile phone, iPod, pen-drive etc are not allowed, if caught, it will be confiscated Stylish haircuts are not allowed. The hair cut should be simple matching to the decorum of the school. The child has to obey the instructions given by the Class Teacher/School. Disciplinary action will be taken if the child doesn't follow the instructions. Beard is not allowed except for Sikh boys The students should not keep money with them. They are also not allowed to keep money of others. If found, it will be confiscated and will not be returned and disciplinary action will be followed. A fine double to the confiscated amount will be charged from the student who has the money and also to whom so-ever the money belongs to.


1. The bus fee has to be paid according to the rules enforced time to time.

2. Students are expected to be on their bus stop at least five minutes prior to the arrival of the bus:

3. Buses will not wait for the latecomers.

4. Children should always stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.

5. No student should try to board the bus until it has stopped properly. They must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding the buses. The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stop only, unless directed by the Principal/Administrator/Teacher-in-Charge.When the bus is in motion, students must not move around in the bus. They should not keep any part of the body out of the bus.

6.Students will be held responsible for any damage to bus caused by their negligence or vandalism.

7. No student is allowed to eat or discard trash of food inside and outside the bus.

8. Shrieking, shouting, unruly behavior is strictly prohibited.

9. Courteous behavior is expected always.

10. The driver's attention must not be diverted for any reason.

11. The teachers. commuting by bus and the students appointed as bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in buses.

12. Any serious offence must be reported to the PRINCIPAL

13.The Bus facilities will be withdrawn if any student misbehaves in the school bus. In such cases Parents will be responsible for arranging the conveyance on their own.

14. The Buses will not ply during strikes.

15. The students must be in their allocated seats only.


For the withdrawal (Transfer Certificate) of any child a prior clear calendar month prior written notice has to be given.

If applied for the T.C. after the beginning of new session following fee is chargeable.
a. Annual Tuition fees - Full
b. Other Charges (Transport) - Actual

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