Procedure for Withdrawal

For Regular students:

For the withdrawal (Transfer Certificate) of any child a prior clear calendar month prior written notice has to be given.

If applied for the T.C. after the beginning of new session following fee is chargeable.
a. Annual Tuition fees - Full
b. Other Charges (Transport) - Actual

For New Admission:

The admission in the school is meant for one complete session. If a student leaves soon after the school starts or after the admission, he/she is liable to pay the fee and dues as mentioned below.

A) Withdrawn on or Before 30th June;
a. Admission Fee - Full
b. Annual Tuition fees - 3 Months
c. Other Charges (Transport) - Actual
(In case of transfer of Govt. or semi-govt. Employee, If the withdrawal of admission is within a month, only one-month fee will be charged)

B) Withdrawal after 1st July will account for the following deduction from the amount deposited.
a. Admission Fee - Full
b. Annual tuition fee - Full
c. Other Charges (Transport) - Actual

* Application for seeking Transfer Certificate must be submitted in the school office, in written and the receipt for the same is to be obtained.
Information through telephone or any oral message will not be accepted.
* The Transfer Certificate of such students will be issued only after the settlement of all the dues.
* If a student is expelled from the school on disciplinary ground, the yearly fees and other expenses like Uniform / Books/ Notebooks charges and etc. has to be paid.

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