PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association, a school-based organization with a mission to make the school a better place for children to learn. Parents of students work together with teachers to volunteer in classes, raise money for school supplies, and generally support the school's efforts. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a partnership between parents and educators who strive to enhance student learning and enrich the lives of the students within the school. It is also a forum for parents to obtain knowledge and voice their opinions about what is happening in their school. Chandrahasini Vidyapeeth has an excellent teaching staff and learning environment. We also have an active and committed PTA. As a community, we create a stimulating and successful school for our children. The PTA is an integral part of the school and we welcome your involvement. The PTA has been a part of Chandrahasini Vidyapeeth from 2022. This school is what it is today in part because of the dedication of parents.

President/Chairman Mrs. HEMA BISWAS
Vice-President/V.Chairman(Parent) Mrs. SANDHYA PATEL
Secretary (Teacher)
Joint Secretary (Parent)
Joint Secretary (Teacher)
Nursery (T) Mrs. UMA TRIPATHI
Nursery (P) Mr. Umashankar Patel
Harshit Patel
K.G.I (T) Mrs. Anjani Chouhan
K.G.I (P) Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Charvi Patel
K.G.II (T) Ms. Chandna Jaiswal
K.G.II (P) Mr. Prakash Patel
Mokshika Patel
I (T) Mrs. Deepanjali Patel
I (P) Mr. Ishwar Lal Patel Devanshu Patel
II (T) Mrs. Anamika Debnath
II (P) Mrs. Anjana Dewangan Purvi Dewangan
III (T) Ms. Meena Dansena
III (P) Mrs. Jyotsna Naik Dewanshi Naik
IV (T) Mrs. Seeta Naik
IV (P) Mr. Brjesh Kumar Lahre Evyavaan Lahre
V (T) Mrs. Annapurna Choubey
V (P) Mr. Dev Kashyap Om Kashyap
VI (T) Mr. Shrikant Biswal
VI (P) Mr. Basant Kumar Patel Naitik Patel
VII (T) Mr. Sudam Acharya
VII (P) Mr. Neelkamal Patel Aakansha Patel
VIII (T) Mr. Antaryami Malakar
VIII (P) Mrs. Hemlata Patel Dolly Patel
IX (T) Mr. Anuj Kumar Kuldip
IX (P) Mrs. Dolly Mishra Omisha Mishra
X (T) Mrs. Sunayana Vishwakarma
X (P) Mrs. Sarita Patel Suyash Patel


a) The PTA shall appear before the Committee for hearing on fee determination as and when called by the Committee.
b) The PTA shall conduct periodic meeting and minutes/decisions of the meeting shall be properly recorded and made available to the School Principal to be put-up on School’s website and notice board.
c) Principal of the School shall be responsible to provide the minutes of the meetings held by the preceding PTA.
d) The Committee, during perusal of proposal of School for fee determination every three year, shall take note of these minutes.
e) Or any other function as notified/prescribed by appropriate Government, Central government, affiliating body, competent authority from time to time


Members, will at all times, during its deliberation and actions, work with proper conduct and respect to one another and to the school. Each member must attend general meetings unless a member has a sound reason that will hinder him.

a. The period of Parents-Teachers' Association would be for one year. Any parent once has become the office bearer or the executive committee member, thereafter in the next three years; he cannot become the office bearer of the executive committee member.

b. The meeting of managing committee should be called minimum once in three months.

c. In the school, every student's parents should be the member of Parents- Teachers' Association.

d. Help School in any events outside and beyond standard School functions such as: Organizing intra school quiz competitions, science fair, community outreach, teacher appreciation event etc.

e. Provide an "ear" to the issues concerning the parent body at large and take it up with School management for satisfactory resolution.

f. Solicit new ideas and suggestions from the parent body to help enhance the overall and all round education experience and work with WGS for review and implementation of the same.

g. Build a sense of community at school through increased and sustained parental participation and involvement in school events.

h. Foster a relationship between parents, teachers, school management and Board of Trustees.

i. Rules and regulations/ roles and responsibilities will be constantly evolving and subject to review and changes based on the changing needs of children, parent and the teachers.

j. Any changes in the rules and regulations must be first approved and the committee's meeting and thereafter at the a general body meeting provided that previous notice was given in writing and sent to all the members. Those present for the said meeting can approve of the said changes by a simple majority, subject to the Chairman’s casting vote, in the event of any disagreement.

k. As per the requirements, time & active participants are expected from members. It’s also important to attend meetings whenever it will be called.

NOTE: - The Members who wish to enroll themselves as PTA member should make it sure that they will actively take part in all the events and activities as and when required. The parent who can devote time for the same should enroll themselves.

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